ALL-INKL.COM Website Builder

Manage menu

To create new menu items, click on "Add menu item". With a menu item you can refer to a subpage or an area within your website and to external pages.

If you create a menu item on a subpage of your website, then you can make further settings for the new page. For example, you can set the page as the start page of your website or select a language for it under "Hierarchy". You can also influence the display in search engines or secure the page with password protection. In order to be able to create a menu item for an anchor (link to a specific area of the website), it is necessary that the anchor has already been stored on the desired page via the corresponding widget.

With "Edit menu item" you can change existing menu items and with "Delete menu item" you can remove them again. The function "Duplicate menu item" allows you to copy a page including all associated settings and content. Subordinate menu items are not copied.

You can change the order of the menu items or the structure of the submenu items via the "Order" item.

Depending on the tariff, the number of possible menu items is limited. Please note that the pages "Imprint" and "Privacy information" are generally present and are counted.