ALL-INKL.COM Website Builder

Basic operation


The Website Builder (WBK) can be operated from desktop as well as mobile devices. However, in order to be able to use comfortable techniques, such as drag-and-drop, we recommend working with a PC or Mac.


The editor is the heart of the Website Builder. It allows you to drag and drop content anywhere in the content area. To do this, select any widget from the "Insert Area", click on it and drag it to the position where you want it to appear on your future website while holding down the mouse button. Please note that the content cannot be dragged into the header.

Header of the Website Builder

The header of the WBK always offers you further options for operating the Website Builder. In the editor you will find the area which offers you the available widgets for your page.

Next to this are the settings, which allow you to define basic properties as well as perform administrative activities on your future website and the WBK.

The preview function, which is located to the left of the settings, allows you to take a look at your future web presence. This is ideal for testing how the website will look on the move.

The middle section of the header shows you which page of your homepage you are currently on. By clicking on this area, you can jump to another page to edit it.

Following this you will find a globe, which provides the function to publish your website. Click on this icon to publish the website you created and connect your domain to the newly created website. Please note, however, that you have connected a domain to the Website Builder via the KAS (

For further help, click on the question mark icon next to the globe. Here you will find more detailed information about the Website Builder as well as data protection. The data protection sample prepared by us can also be obtained via the question mark symbol. Depending on the area of the Website Builder you are in - whether editor or in the settings or the design selection - a small introduction is offered to you here. This explains the individual areas of the current user interface in more detail.

To the right of the question mark symbol you will find information about your WBK user, the comment you have given to the Website Builder and, if available, the domain / subdomain connected to the WBK. The small image next to the mentioned information shows you the currently set favicon of your website.

On the right side of the screen you will see the logout button to log out of the Website Builder.


The so-called "widgets", which can be inserted in your website using the editor, represent content containers that allow you to insert different content on the page. For example, use the "image widget" to insert an image and the "headline widget" to insert a headline.

The available widgets are offered to you in the editor above the "Insert" area (top left).


Each widget has further setting options, which allow you to further customize the widgets placed on the website. A click on any widget opens the toolbar, which consists of 4 tools:

Click and hold the Move tool to drag the content to another location on your website.

Depending on the widget, further settings can be made here or the content can be revised.

Use the Shape tool to easily change the appearance or position of the widget.

Use the trash can to easily delete the selected content.

Other actions
Use "Cut" or "Copy" to transfer the widget in question to another page. Duplicate" creates a copy of the widget within the same page.