ALL-INKL.COM Website Builder


If you are rebuilding an existing website, then you can redirect the old URLs to the new URLs.

A URL is the address that you use to reach a page of your website in the browser.

You can set up a redirect under "Manage menu". Edit a page. Under the tab "Search engines" you will find the item "Redirection". There you can enter the old address under which the page was previously accessible. Multiple addresses can be entered separated with a line break.

Your page "About us" can already be found with search engines and/or is linked on other websites. The old URL could be Now you recreate your website with our Website Builder and the page "About us" is now accessible at Visitors who only know the old address should now be automatically redirected to the new address. Likewise, the search engines should continue to find your page. In this example you enter "/cms/1/ueberuns/" as redirection of the page "About us".

The pages in the Website Builder are already accessible with and without the extension ".html". No redirection is necessary for this.
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