ALL-INKL.COM Website Builder

Data protection (DS-GVO)

The protection of your data, as well as the compliance with applicable rules and laws is an important concern for us. For this reason, the Website Builder is developed in a data protection friendly way.

This means:

To create the data protection information in the Website Builder, we present you with a text with a basic structure according to the systematics required by law for individual adaptation by you. Our text template does not replace individual legal advice regarding the content of the information. Our customer support does not provide individual legal advice. It therefore remains your responsibility to ensure that "your" website users receive "correct" data protection information. You can find the privacy template in the editor under "Help" (question mark icon) => "Privacy template".

The embedding of videos with the "video widget" of the Website Builder is inherently privacy-friendly and is done exclusively via the technique of linking to a website of the respective third-party provider. This ensures that information of the website visitor is not already transmitted to the video portal when loading the website on which the video is integrated.

The fonts offered in the Website Builder are hosted on your server. This means that no calls to external service providers are started to load the fonts.

Forms created with the "form widget" or the password protection of the Website Builder on your website can only be used with active SSL encryption (https). The input data of these forms by your website visitors will therefore only be transmitted to your server in encrypted form.

Due to the data protection-friendly development of the Website Builder and the associated renunciation of analytical functions or third-party providers, only technically necessary cookies are generated by your published website. For these cookies, a "cookie banner" is not necessary. Provided that you generate your website without contact forms and password-protected areas, no cookies at all are created on the devices of your website visitors.

Please note that if you enter your own source code, the privacy measures taken by the web builder can be bypassed. In this case, the use of a consent banner (Consent Banner) may be necessary. Under the "gear icon" at "Settings" -> "Consent Banner" you can configure this and add services requiring consent, among others. If you add or edit a "Source widget", you can assign the relevant service via "Consent banner" in the process.